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Wonderzones at Wonderworks: Incredible Hands-On Fun and Learning for Children

Posted by Sharon Harley on Feb 21, 2019 9:22:52 AM
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More than 100 hands-on exhibits await you and your child's exploration in the Wonderzones at Wonderworks. Fun for all ages, Wonderworks is an indoor amusement park that is open 365 days a year, from 9 am. until midnight. You'll play, learn, and delight in the smiles and adventure at one of Orlando's premier attractions.

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Natural Disasters Zone

Children learn all things science in the Natural Disaster Wonderzone. From electric charge to experiencing the effects of Mother Nature, this zone will fascinate and educate. The Natural Disasters Wonderzone includes:


The Tesla Coil—By sliding your hand into the mesh, steel armor glove, you can safely experience 100,000 volts of electricity to your fingers.


The Hurricane Shack— Just how windy can a category one hurricane become? Try 74 miles per hour! Step into the Hurricane Shack to feel this incredible level of wind force.

The Earthquake Cafe—Hold on to your seat! The Earthquake Cafe recreates the California earthquake of 1989, which measured 5.3 on the Richter scale.


Light and Sound Zone

Learn more about how fast light travels and create your own music in this fun zone.


The Giant Piano—Step out a tune on this giant piano that you can literally walk on. No fingers-just tap out a tune with your feet.

The Speed of Light—Test your speed and reflexes against the clock with this exhibit. The speed of light moves really fast and so will you with this interactive exhibit.

Recollections—Dance in front of a large screen and watch as your shadow multiplies into different shapes and colors.


Physical Challenge Zone

No super exertion required, just an interest in interacting in physical challenges that make you think about how things work.


Bed of Nails—If you think you're tough, then take the bed of nails challenge by lying on top of 3,500 nails.


Wonder Wall—This gigantic pin wall contains 40,000 plastic pins. Create 3D images of your body in different poses.


Bubble Lab—Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. The lab offers opportunities for making bubbles of all shapes and sizes.


Pulley Power—Test your strength by using pulleys to lift you off the ground. A fun hands-on exhibit about simple machines.


Virtual Sports—If you dream of playing a professional sport, here's your chance. This exhibit tests your skills in football, baseball, and soccer.


Space Discovery, Imagination Lab, and the Far Out Art Gallery

Wonderworks is also home to space discovery, the imagination lab, and the far out art gallery. The space discovery zone allows children to try on a space suit and climb into a replica space capsule. In the imagination lab, children can engage with a giant Lite-Brite wall, stomp on aliens, and learn how gears work. The art gallery is truly far-out as artwork containing illusions line the walls.


In addition to Wonderzones, Wonderworks also features:

  • A magic and comedy dinner show

  • Indoor ropes course

  • 4D XD movie theater

  • Laser tag


Be sure to allow plenty of time for your visit. There is a cafe on site if you need to re-energize between exhibits. No matter what your age or interest, there's fun for the entire family at Wonderworks.


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