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What are Disney’s MagicBands and How Do They Work?

Posted by Stefan Aylott on May 30, 2017 11:59:23 AM

260615_D4_06_192tom.jpgThere are many ways to make your Orlando vacation exciting and easy, one of those ways is to get MagicBands when you are visiting Disney. The MagicBands have a radio frequency technology that enables you to check in at various locations in and around the park for added convenience and an extra dash of magic!

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The advantages of having a Disney MagicBand while visiting any of the Disney parks are:

  • Ticket - There is no need to keep up with paper tickets while you are visiting a park, simply use your Magic Band as your ticket in.
  • Customizeable - There are various ways to customize Magic Bands around the park. Kids can pick out different characters to attach to their bands and you can even make your band into a toggle or key chain fob. Most of the shops will have Magic band upgrades.
  • Fast Pass – If you link your MagicBand online to include Disney’s Fast Pass you and your family will be able to pre-select three of your must-do park experiences. This will give you a specific window of time to arrive at each of the rides, then simply check in with your MagicBand and get into the FastPass line.
  • Photo Pass – Another service from Disney is the Photo Pass. When you and your family, or group get your pictures taken during your visit to any of the parks, the photographer will scan your MagicBand. At the end of your visit you can simply pull up your Photo Pass account, and view & select all of the photos that were taken from your visit.



When you are planning your visit to any of the Disney theme parks, include the MagicBand for an effortless experience. Another added benefit is that MagicBands are waterproof, which means that they are perfectly safe for the any of the water parks! When ordering your tickets through Jeeves, we offer MagicBands for free when you are purchasing tickets (3 day or more) to Disney’s theme parks. There are no other companies off of the Disney property that offer this excellent perk when ordering tickets!

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