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Travel Insurance With Jeeves is The Smart Way to Go

Posted by Sharon Harley on Jan 10, 2019 9:26:33 AM

bigstock-Travel-Insurance-25334408Whether we regularly travel for pleasure or our upcoming getaway represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a vacation is a unique chance to experience something out of the ordinary. We craft our ideal plans, whether it's visiting every exciting attraction within a fifty-mile radius of our destination or allowing for plenty of free time to unplug and unwind. As the time for our trip approaches, we eagerly anticipate the break from everyday life. Wise travelers get the most out of their vacation experience by purchasing travel insurance.


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The Unexpected Benefits of Travel Insurance

When we think of travel insurance, we picture being reimbursed for our travel costs in the event of an unforeseen illness or emergency. If we have flexible reservations, we may think travel insurance is not necessary since we won't get stuck with those out-of-pocket expenses if we are forced to reschedule. While a travel insurance policy will cover the cost of trip cancellation, the benefits of travel insurance go far beyond this basic coverage. Travel insurance with Jeeves offers valuable assistance before, during, and after your trip. It covers common contingencies we might not even have on our radar. Such coverage includes:


Trip Interruptions or Delays:

If something happens to interrupt or delay your travels once you've embarked upon your trip, this insurance will help cover your additional expenses. This could include something as severe as getting out of the way of an impending natural disaster or something as basic as paying for your extra meals and lodging due to unforeseen travel delays.


Planning and Troubleshooting:

Travel insurance includes a concierge service designed to assist you in making all sorts of reservations well ahead of time, from dining out to tee times to car rentals. This service allows you to completely relax when you arrive at your destination, knowing all the essential bookings are already set. Further, while your trip is underway, an emergency assistance line is available, if needed. This hotline operates 24-hours a day, so you know there is always someone available to help.


Baggage Issues and Missing Identities:

If you're left with nothing but the clothes on your back and your small carry-on, this coverage helps you to quickly obtain the things you need to get on with your vacation. Help is available whether your baggage is lost, stolen, or merely delayed.  If your identity is compromised in the course of your travels, an all-too-common experience these days, travel insurance provides you with 180 days of assistance in resolving these troublesome issues.


Car Troubles:

Travel insurance can be the perfect out-of-town help you need if you get stranded on the side of the road in your rental car. It can even cover damage to the rental itself if something unexpected occurs.


Medical Care:

Though we hope never to be ill, especially while traveling, emergencies do occur. If you need immediate medical or dental attention while on vacation, not only does this coverage connect you with a network of on-call physicians, medical advice, and even referrals to local practitioners, but it also pays for certain medical expenses, including some emergency coverage and transportation.


Life Insurance:

Finally, a standard accidental death and dismemberment coverage is included in this policy.


For further information about all the benefits of travel insurance, including specific coverage limits, visit our insurance plan details. At Jeeves, we understand that vacations are a needed respite from everyday life. They represent a saving up of resources and precious time, in hopes that wonderful new memories will be made. Explore our many home and resort options to discover your ideal travel destination, and enjoy every well-deserved moment of your upcoming vacation by purchasing the peace-of-mind travel insurance provides.  


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