Reasons to Rent Homes vs Hotel Rooms for Your Orlando Luxury Vacation

When you’re planning a luxury Orlando vacation, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is where to stay. A hotel may be your first thought, but the area also has plenty of amazing homes that are available to rent. Renting a home has many advantages in the homes vs. hotel rooms debate, including the following five reasons:


Even the most spacious hotel room is smaller than a home. If it’s just you and your significant other, you’ll have much more room to relax in when you’re in a home. And if you’re bringing the whole family, everyone will be able to maintain their sanity with plenty of room to spare.

Peace and Quiet

When you stay in a hotel room, you’ll probably be able to hear some surrounding noise. From kids running down the hallway to late-night partiers returning to their rooms, you’ll be surrounded by other guests. This also applies to pool and gym areas, which could be so crowded that you can’t relax. When you stay in a home, the chances of being disturbed by others is much lower because it’s more secluded.

All the Comforts of Home- and More

When you’re renting a home, you’ll have all the conveniences of your own home – and probably quite a few more. You’ll get to use a full kitchen, wash and dry your own clothes conveniently, and perhaps even enjoy a private pool, hot tub, or even a bowling alley!

Pet-Friendly Accomodations

If you’re traveling with a pet, the homes vs. hotel rooms decision is fairly clear-cut, because you’ll have only a very limited choice of hotels. Many hotels also have a weight limit for pets, so if you have a larger dog, you may be out of luck. Many rental homes allow pets and may even have a yard for your pet to spend time in.


Renting a home can be quite affordable compared to the cost of a hotel room, particularly in popular vacation areas like Orlando. Especially if your group needs more than one room, renting a home can result in significant savings.

Luxury Amenities

When you rent a luxury home from Jeeves Management, you have the option to add extra amenities. These include a private chef to cook your meals, grocery delivery before you arrive so your fridge is stocked, massages at your rental home, and more!

To book a luxurious rental home in Florida, visit Jeeves Holiday Homes. We’ve been helping vacationers find the perfect high-end homes to rent in central Florida for over 10 years.