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How to Navigate Orlando’s Roads to be Time Efficient on Your Next Corporate Visit

Posted by Sharon Harley on May 11, 2017 10:07:00 AM

How to Navigate Orlando’s Roads to be Time Efficient on Your Next Corporate Visit.jpegOrlando is a beautiful place for a corporate gathering or getaway. The weather is comfortable year round, and exciting places to visit are everywhere you look. One of the most important inconveniences you may deal with would be trying to get from your meeting spot to other destinations, but that can be avoided once you know the local traveling secrets.

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Plan Your Route

It may not be practical to hold every meeting in your private rental home. In those situations, the most effective idea is to plan your route carefully. If possible layout your travel plans in a manner that takes you in a straight path, proceeding from one destination to the next. From Reunion and Encore when travelling to Hwy192 and Disney by car exit via the Sinclair Rd gates, then take SR429 where the 1st exit is 192 and the 2nd exit is Disney. This route completely avoids I-4. Using a map and up-to-date traffic alerts, you can drive all over the Orlando metro area without long delays, and you may even discover interesting destinations you weren’t aware existed.

Roads to Avoid

I-4 is the gateway from Daytona to Tampa, and runs right through the middle of Orlando. During the morning and evening commuter periods, this major highway, as well as the Orange Blossom Trail (U.S. 17), may frequently come to a standstill. Toll roads can also be problematic as well. The good news is that there are secondary roads which parallel these thoroughfares, bypassing the large, heavily traveled segments of the busiest roadways. An alternative route that you can use to avoid I-4 traffic into Disney would be to use Highway 520. Although this is a toll road, it is a highway that can get you into Disney in a quarter of the time. An on ramp to this highway is located through the back entrance of Reunion. You can also utilize S. Old Lake Wilson road to get to Highway 192, this again will be quicker than trying to drive on I-4 at rush hour.

Scheduling Matters

Since you have already booked a spacious private rental home that is centrally located, the only major concern left to overcome is the scheduling of appointments. Whenever possible, schedule your traveling time for mid morning or mid afternoon. During the day, the best travel times are between 9am and 11am, or between 1pm and 3pm. Navigating during the busy periods is not impossible, but try to avoid the major roadways. Another road to use to avoid traffic would be the 417, the quickest route to and from the airport. Once again this is a toll road but will save you time and gas.

Entertain at Your Residence

Make the most out of your corporate visit. We offer private luxury home rentals in several convenient locations, allowing you to avoid packed roads during busy times. Book a home for your team, and important meetings or luncheons will become an enjoyable experience.



Private luxury homes offer all of the benefits of a high-end hotel, without the inconvenience of splitting up your party across multiple floors or being subjected to unwanted distractions. To find out more about our beautiful homes and how they can be a benefit for your next corporate visit, please contact us.



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