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Business & Corporate Event Tips: Rent Luxury Homes Instead of Hotels

Posted by Sharon Harley on May 26, 2016 2:22:40 PM

Luxury Homes for Business and Corporate Event TripsHave you planned a grand gala to recognize your employees for their amazing service or thank your customers for being vital assets to your company? If so, that's great! The first step to being a successful company is recognizing the people who help you get there.


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A weekend away can mean big things when it comes to business, but if you really want to wow your customers, you should rent luxury homes instead of hotels. Here's why:

Business travelers spend a lot of time around other people. Between the airport, flight, conferences, and business meetings, the interaction with other people can seem endless. When you rent a hotel room, your access to privacy is limited, as you're still sharing a building with tons of other people who are constantly coming and going throughout the day and night. When you rent luxury homes instead of hotel rooms, however, you're living in your own private oasis throughout the duration of your stay. You can simply retreat from the business of the day, and find your way to the calming comfort of your home away from home.

Even the most luxe of hotels are still hotels, and there's only so much comfort that can be derived from the confined spaces they're able to offer. Alternatively, a luxury home provides you with all of the comforts you're used to enjoying when you're not away for business. With tons of square footage, beautiful kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and stunning finishes, you'll have the ample space in which to relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

Living from a suitcase can be tough -- any business person could attest to this. Finding ways to make the experience more comfortable can make a world of difference.

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Dream Homes
In real life, the mortgage for a dream home can be a substantial lifelong investment. A luxurious mansion or 7-bedroom villa with a pool may be on your wishlist, but perhaps it's not something you're able to purchase at the moment. A short term investment in a luxury home while you're away on business offers you the ability to enjoy the finest living that life has to offer without committing to a thirty year mortgage.


Still not sure if you should rent luxury homes instead of hotels? Our team at Jeeves is here to help you choose the right option for your event. Contact us today to learn more!


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