Beyond A Vacation Destination: Jeeves' Maintenance, Security Difference

Jeeves Florida Rentals, offering a variety of vacation home properties for families or large groups, also provides the peace of mind many hotels cannot when it comes to personal safety, property protection and privacy assurance.

Minding Our Business: 6 Ways Jeeves Steps Up When It Comes to Our Maintenance and Security

1. Maintenance Staff Availability

Our maintenance staff responds in-person to all calls from 9 a.m. to midnight, and the phone is answered live 24/7, so you're never leaving a message; you're speaking to a real person who handles your concerns immediately.

2. Our Inspection Before Your Introduction

Before you meet your home away from home, our inspectors go through every room. They make sure the lights, air conditioning, heating and water work, all appliances are plugged in and ready, smoke detectors function, pool and patio areas are clean, walkways are clear, locks on doors and windows work and the home is safe and secure for your stay.

3. Safety Begins at Our Gate

Our properties are located within gated communities, and everyone must check in before entering, providing a safe place for all residents and visitors. Security personnel patrol our properties 24 hours a day, providing coverage in the event of any issues and a sense of security you don't see when you're inside a standard hotel.

4. Your Own Place is a Safe Space

In a huge hotel, you have no idea how many members of staff have access to your room. You don't know if the security cameras in the hallways work, and if there's a security breach, whether it's caught on the camera footage. With a Jeeves rental, you know exactly who has access to your home and when they've been there; there's no worrying about strangers at your door. Our staff lets you know they're coming, whether it's to change a burned-out light bulb or deliver your daughter's birthday cake.

5. Day or Night, You Decide When to Eat, Sleep, Relax and Play

The little one needs a nap in the middle of the day? The two of you need a break from the parks before a big anniversary dinner tonight? It's difficult to find peace and quiet time in a big city hotel, with the sounds of street traffic, housekeeping, kids in the hallways and noisy elevators. A Jeeves rental is part of a community, yet each property provides the privacy you need to rest at three in the afternoon, swim at midnight or enjoy a late-night snack at four in the morning, without disturbing the neighbors.

6. We Deliver, You Cook: Fresh Food at Your Door

Eating away from home is not just expensive: those with food sensitivities understand the dangers of consuming unseen ingredients, which often means a trip to the hospital and a ruined vacation. Jeeves Rentals come with complete kitchens: modern appliances, cookware, utensils and dishes, ready for memorable meals. Feel free to bring your own groceries, or we'll stock your pantry and fridge before your arrival. You won't need to waste valuable vacation time finding a grocery store in unfamiliar neighborhoods after dark, fighting traffic and forcing extra baggage into your car.