A Room with a View: Soar High Above Disney World in a Hot Air Balloon

The Orlando/Kissimmee area is full of magic. Which is exactly why so many flock to the area, but with great attractions comes big crowds that can feel overwhelming. Escape the crowds and the cars; go skyward on your next vacation to Orlando.

This is but one reason why you need to take a sunrise hot air balloon ride with Painted Horizons Hot air Balloon Tours. Few things are as restorative as a beautiful sunrise, and there is no better way to take in this breathtaking sight than while floating along on a calm, Florida breeze.

Connecting Flight

Air travel is often stressful, but a trip aloft with your significant other offers the chance at an entirely different kind of connecting flight. Hand-in-hand and side-by-side, the two of you will naturally be drawn closer as you glide along savoring the beauty above, below and alongside you.

The glow of the early morning sun, coupled with sharing a unique experience with your love, will bring out a sense of enlightenment that is almost impossible to duplicate. Of course, every trip is different as the balloons travel is dictated by wind direction and speed, but you can expect no turbulence or wind when airborne, because you will be floating with a mild breeze, less than ten miles per hour. During the flight, the burners are used periodically to keep the balloon "lighter than air."

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Hot Air Balloons provide a nice relaxing float through the sky that is not nearly as intimidating as you might think, even for those with a fear of heights. Unlike looking down from a tall building, there is no intermediate point of reference to judge your height while aloft. This reduces the sensations associated with height, similar to when looking out the window of an airplane.

Held aloft by one of the basic principles of science, (warm air rises) your balloon will be under the direction of an FAA certified pilot. Painted Horizons has been operating for over two decades without a single accident or injury, so put aside any unwarranted fears or misconceptions you might have and seize this vacation opportunity to explore in a way you never have.

Truly Soaring

Painted Horizons takes to the air seven days a week (weather permitting) with a variety of flight options ranging from private couples only trips to discounts for families and groups of four.

Float above Disney World and the surrounding areas while you take in all of the majestic scenes. No dealing with traffic, long lines, or any other form of congestion. This is not another simulated ride, but a true experience you will fondly look back on.

Young adventurers must be at least seven years old to go up, but this is an experience no child will forget. Nor will the love of your life when you secretly book this romantic sunrise escape above the city. Proposal packages are also available complete with an accompanying banner plane to pop the question.

A Vacation Done Right

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