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5 Ways the Hotel Industry is Changing and How You Can Take Advantage

Posted by Sharon Harley on May 19, 2016 1:13:03 PM

Luxury Rental Vacation HomesThe hotel industry is rapidly changing. When you're hoping to stay in any of the world's top locations, there has been a noticeable shift away from hotels and towards luxury B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) properties. Here are five things the hotel industry should be aware of.


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Unlike hotels, when you are staying in a custom property, you are going to get everything that goes along with that. B2B and B2C properties are amazing and run the gamut from simple lodgings where you control the dynamic and flow to rentals where everything is decided and taken care of for you. It's all up to the consumer.



Indoor swimming pools, personal bowling alleys, vessel docks, and so much more are what await those who rent properties. Do you need 8 bedrooms with private baths? How about 10, 12, or more? Do you desire a chef's kitchen that you can prepare all your own meals in? Amenities the hotel industry offers are all fixed into the parameters of the property.



Pricing is another thing that customers are paying a lot more attention to. Orlando area hotels aren't able to keep up with the pricing power of a property rental business like Jeeves Management. You can actually rent a luxury home or suite for far less than you can rent comparable area hotels!



Have you ever made a hotel reservation and something isn't to your liking? Maybe it's the number of beds, smoking/non-smoking, location near the ice machine, elevator or something else? Hotels are fraught with problems and the hotel industry hasn't addressed these pressing issues. This is a primary reason that luxury custom homes have become so popular.



Some hotels charge you more money, offer you less amenities, and are a bigger pain hampering your overall travel plans; but still you make hotel reservations. Why do you think that is? "Because it's what I've always done." Not a very good answer is it? For a long time, these luxury private rentals were the outlier. Now with the increased popularity of these luxury home rentals, it is far easier to get what you want from your vacation rental without having to go through the hassle of the hotel experience.


Why not see what these luxury home rentals are all about? If you're looking in the Orlando area, call on the team at Jeeves Management. They can help you find the home that will be perfect for your vacation needs!


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