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10 Luxury Amenities and Services For Your Orlando Visit

Posted by Sharon Harley on Sep 15, 2016 3:30:00 PM

starwarsgameroom.jpgYou can save a good deal of money when you rent a luxury villa or condominium instead of two or more hotel rooms for your Orlando vacation. There are also many other advantages of renting a home over a hotel room, whether it is a large family gathering or a business related, or a personal vacation. You will all be under one roof, so it easier to communicate, gather and otherwise enjoy everyone's company on your Orlando vacation. And, just because you may be on a business trip, that does not mean you can't have some fun and enjoy it.


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Here are 10 amenities you should keep in mind when planning your next Orlando vacation.


1. A private chef to cook your meals. Your chef can come while you are out and your gourmet meals will be ready when you return, or the chef can cook what you want while you are there, leaving you time to enjoy your vacation.

2. You may call ahead and tell us what foods you would like, and when you arrive you will find the villa stocked with the food you ordered. You may decide later whether to have the chef cook it up for you.

3. Even if you don't hire a chef and have a stocked condo, you can still order meals. Our company will cater breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

4. Many of our villas have private pools, theaters and game rooms. Some even have a bowling alley. Check the listings to see what each property has.

5. Florida has a lot of golf courses, and there are a lot of them to see on your Orlando vacation. Many of our homes are on golf courses, or at least very close.

6. As much room as you need. Some of our properties have as many as eight rooms. Plenty of room to spread out and relax.

7. Our staff can provide a massage therapist at any of our properties whenever you want one. Full sauna services are also available in many villa and condo rentals.

8. If you forget something, or it’s too hard to bring, just ask and we can most likely provide you with equipment to use. We have barbecue grills, baby cribs, fans and other items.

9. We can arrange to get theme park tickets for any event or park you like. We will make the arrangements for you and sometimes even deliver them to you.

10. Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse, can come to your party for breakfast, tea, lunch or any other occasion, to make your Orlando vacation truly unforgettable.



To find amenities and services like these, check out our featured homes and start planning your Orlando luxury vacation with Jeeves today!


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